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How to Properly Set Up VirtualBox Host/Guest System with NFS

Usecase Since I always have to google for a good solution to configure a guest/host-system properly I will now just post the most usefull links. Solution Basic setup (creating VSI, installing Debian, configure network, setting up shares) Cloning correctly

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MyBack: Incremental Ubuntu Backup Script including VirtualBox using a rsync Wrapper

This is an outdated version. I fully refactored the tool and published it on Github. If you are just interested in the sourcecode please jump directly to the sourcecode-section. What is MyBack MyBack is a fully-automated backup solution I’ve implemented

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Installing Oracle’s Java (7) on Ubuntu (12.10)

Use case Since the Java installation handling changed during the last Ubuntu releases (due to Oracle’s politics) most parts of my old post are out of date now. Solution I found a great instruction about how to install Oracle’s Java

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IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 Slow Performance While Typing

Use case Since I updated to the 10.5 version of the IDEA IntelliJ IDE I encountered various performance issues, in particular while typing code. Sometimes I had to wait like one second to see my changes in the editor. That

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Solving Ubuntu Hibernate/Sleep Performance Issues

Use case On my (K)Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick  I had the problem, that everytime when I choose to suspend (hibernate or sleep) my system, i had to wait almost 5 minutes for using my system again after a reboot. During the reboot

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