How to Properly Set Up VirtualBox Host/Guest System with NFS

Usecase Since I always have to google for a good solution to configure a guest/host-system properly I will now just post the most usefull links. Solution Basic setup (creating VSI, installing Debian, configure network, setting up shares) Cloning correctly

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Merge VirtualBox Snapshots via Bash Script

Use case My backup script automatically creates daily snapshots of each VM images (for incremental backups). Thus I have a huge amount of snapshots after a while. Unfortunately the VirtualBox-UI does not provide a method of removing/mergin all snapshots at

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MyBack: Incremental Ubuntu Backup Script including VirtualBox using a rsync Wrapper

This is an outdated version. I fully refactored the tool and published it on Github. If you are just interested in the sourcecode please jump directly to the sourcecode-section. What is MyBack MyBack is a fully-automated backup solution I’ve implemented

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Installing Oracle’s Java (7) on Ubuntu (12.10)

Use case Since the Java installation handling changed during the last Ubuntu releases (due to Oracle’s politics) most parts of my old post are out of date now. Solution I found a great instruction about how to install Oracle’s Java

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German Umlauts on US-Keyboard on (K)Ubuntu

Use case As a software developer I prefer using keyboards with US-layout. Mainly because special characters (like []{}\|<>) are more easy to write/reach – some even without a modifier. But, for email and stuff, I still rely on German Umlauts.

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Lenovo T530, Kubuntu 12.10, NVIDIA Optimus, External Monitors

April 16, 2013 Just a couple of days after I wrote this post NVIDIA released a new version of its driver that is optimized for the Optimus technology. See for further information. Use case I bought a new Lenovo Thinkpad

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Encryption between Java/Android and PHP

Use case While working on an android app that retrieves it’s data from a PHP-API  I needed to build a both-sided en- and decryption layer to secure the requests and responses properly. I decided to use an AES encryption with

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IDEA hook: Grails not found!

Use case While working with different grails versions and a maven repository in the background I faced some weird problems regarding version problems which IDEA was complaining about. Incident The stacktrace looked as follow: [INFO] ———————————————————————— [ERROR] FATAL ERROR [INFO]

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Enable Zend PHP Debugging under IntelliJ 11.1

Use case In this tutorial I assume that you have already installed and configured the Web server and the PHP engine properly. If not, please have a look at this tutorial. Solution In our configuration we use all default properties

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Error on SVN checkout: SSL handshake failed: SSL error: Key usage violation in certificate has been detected.

Use case Lately I received the following error message, while trying to checkout from a SVN repository located on a Windows server from my Kubuntu machine: svn: Commit failed (details follow): svn: OPTIONS of ‘https://HOSTNAME/svn/repo’: SSL handshake failed: SSL error:

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