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How to Properly Set Up VirtualBox Host/Guest System with NFS

Usecase Since I always have to google for a good solution to configure a guest/host-system properly I will now just post the most usefull links. Solution Basic setup (creating VSI, installing Debian, configure network, setting up shares) Cloning correctly

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German Umlauts on US-Keyboard on (K)Ubuntu

Use case As a software developer I prefer using keyboards with US-layout. Mainly because special characters (like []{}\|<>) are more easy to write/reach – some even without a modifier. But, for email and stuff, I still rely on German Umlauts.

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Lenovo T530, Kubuntu 12.10, NVIDIA Optimus, External Monitors

April 16, 2013 Just a couple of days after I wrote this post NVIDIA released a new version of its driver that is optimized for the Optimus technology. See for further information. Use case I bought a new Lenovo Thinkpad

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Enable Zend PHP Debugging under IntelliJ 11.1

Use case In this tutorial I assume that you have already installed and configured the Web server and the PHP engine properly. If not, please have a look at this tutorial. Solution In our configuration we use all default properties

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Grails: “General error during class generation: java.lang.reflect. MalformedParameterizedTypeException”

Use case Grails: “General error during class generation: java.lang.reflect. MalformedParameterizedTypeException” Cripes.. how many hours this took me to find the issues behind this error message. So now that I figured it out I’d better share this to others for less

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Kubuntu: Disable Package-Kit Dist-Upgrade Notification

Use case After spending how many days of configuration and adjustments I have an almost flawless desktop environment running on my Kubuntu Maverick system. Sound, dual monitor, desktop effects.. everything works like a charm. So the last thing whats in

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Solving Ubuntu Hibernate/Sleep Performance Issues

Use case On my (K)Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick  I had the problem, that everytime when I choose to suspend (hibernate or sleep) my system, i had to wait almost 5 minutes for using my system again after a reboot. During the reboot

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