Solving Ubuntu Hibernate/Sleep Performance Issues

Use case

On my (K)Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick  I had the problem, that everytime when I choose to suspend (hibernate or sleep) my system, i had to wait almost 5 minutes for using my system again after a reboot. During the reboot my system seemed to freeze, to flutter, just kooky.

So these are the steps to fix this issue

Install uswsusp

uswusp (user software suspend) is a collection of tools for using the suspend-functions provided by ubuntu. It’s in the repository. So either choose KPackageEdit (or any package manager) or use the apt-get command:

$ sudo apt-get install uswsusp

Alter or create the sleep_module config

Open or create the file /etc/pm/config.d/00sleep_module

$ sudo nano /etc/pm/config.d/00sleep_module

and insert the following line


Test it

With those two steps the performance issue and problems should be fixed now. Try it by typing

$ sudo s2disk

After that fix my system takes around half a minute to resume after hibernate or sleep.

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2 comments on “Solving Ubuntu Hibernate/Sleep Performance Issues
  1. herbkora says:

    That was awesome, thanks alot it really helped.

  2. slistrax says:

    Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time :-)

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