Grails: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

Use case Developing with IntelliJ and Grails sometimes leads to memory problems, particularly considering the PermGen space – even with plenty of RAM. This issue occures especially after re-deploying several times while debugging. Incident This is more a flaw with Tomcat itself,

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Grails: “General error during class generation: java.lang.reflect. MalformedParameterizedTypeException”

Use case Grails: “General error during class generation: java.lang.reflect. MalformedParameterizedTypeException” Cripes.. how many hours this took me to find the issues behind this error message. So now that I figured it out I’d better share this to others for less

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IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 Slow Performance While Typing

Use case Since I updated to the 10.5 version of the IDEA IntelliJ IDE I encountered various performance issues, in particular while typing code. Sometimes I had to wait like one second to see my changes in the editor. That

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Kubuntu: Disable Package-Kit Dist-Upgrade Notification

Use case After spending how many days of configuration and adjustments I have an almost flawless desktop environment running on my Kubuntu Maverick system. Sound, dual monitor, desktop effects.. everything works like a charm. So the last thing whats in

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Grails SpringSecurityService: Authenticate via Code manually

Use case After struggling around for more than one hour to find out a good practise to login a user within the springSecurity-architecture manually. I found this helpfull post in the Grails user mailing list: Solution // Find bu

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GORM: Access Properties of Child Object with createAlias()

Use case Imagine we have a GORM class called Book. This class has an associated Author. And now we want to query certain properties of the author, then we have two common possibilities to perform this query: HQL, Hibernate Query

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Late Static Binding in PHP < 5.3

Use case Even though PHP 5.3 is already out since more than one and a half year, a lot of web-hosters still don’t provide this version. In one of my projects I had to deal with the webhoster all-inkl. The

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Grails: How to access action/controller/param inside a service

Use case Even though a service should be stateless and application-/context-independent, I needed to access the current controller and action from inside a service class. Namely I have a URL-Service, which provides various kinds of dynamic URL methods. One of

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Solving Ubuntu Hibernate/Sleep Performance Issues

Use case On my (K)Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick  I had the problem, that everytime when I choose to suspend (hibernate or sleep) my system, i had to wait almost 5 minutes for using my system again after a reboot. During the reboot

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Installing Apache2 and Tomcat6 with mod_jk on Ubuntu 10.10

Use case This brief step-by-step guide tries to explain how to install Tomcat with Apache and mod_jk on an Ubuntu 10.10 system considering following components Apache 2, MySQL 5, PHP 5, PhpMyAdmin, Sun Java JDK 1.6, Tomcat 6.0, Tomcat-Admin, mod_jk

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